Rhys Finnick
– The Good

Rhys is ashamed to admit that he is the common thread that runs through The Cross Eyed Bear. He met Mike in high school, where they started out as bitter enemies (despite placing 4th together in the Canadian Improv Games in 2003).

Rhys met Lefevre in a community theatre production of Romeo & Juliet in 2005, later regretfully becoming roommates with him. And finally, Rhys graduated from Studio 58 in 2009 with Genevieve.

Described by Mike as a “comedy snob”, Rhys doesn’t think many other people or their ideas are funny. This is mostly because Rhys doesn’t like Mike’s “ketchup, catsup” sketch.

Mike Cope
The Bad

Mike is a bad, bad man. For the better part of the past three years, Mike has been one of the key members of the cold sore of Vancouver theatre, Spectral Theatre Society. Mike also enjoys a prolific career of working in the kitchens of restaurants, once successfully severing a tendon in his hand while preparing an order. He enjoys drinking, beer, and alcohol.

Rhys has often described Mike as a “comedy slob”. Mike could not be reached for a rebuttal, as he recently lost his cell phone for the sixth time this year


Genevieve Fleming&

Genevieve is the obligatory girl of the group. Already having a fairly extensive career in improvisational and sketch comedy, her involvement in The Cross Eyed Bear has been described as a “giant step backwards” (by Genevieve herself). Genevieve is a real actor who actually books legitimate film, TV, and theatre jobs, so it’s only a matter of time before she leaves and is replaced.

Inexplicably, she seems to have a soft spot, and maybe even a crush on…

The Ugly

Lefevre is the worst. Originally the group’s (incompetent) technician, he has managed to worm his way onstage and into sketches from time to time. Lefevre works at Blockbuster video and hasn’t had sex in well over a year (or ever if you take away the times alcohol was involved).

Lefevre’s real name is Andrew, but earned the nickname Lefevre when it was discovered how much he hates his last name. Lefevre has since embraced the nickname, as it’s at least some form of acceptance.